Non-invasive, outpatient facelift with Facetite

Facetite is a revolutionary procedure Filling that gap between injectables and a facelift.  Having been available in Europe and Canada for 5 years, It is the perfect solution to the Patient who isn’t ready for a facelift but is beginning to see some sagging, jowling, or blunting of the separation between the jaw and the neck causing one to lose that sharp regal jawline you once had.

This minimally invasive procedure uses radio frequency energy delivered with a delicate wand inserted under the skin to deliver a controlled very precise heat to dissolve fat and tighten the skin at the same time.  

The Procedure

The procedure is performed outpatiently under local anesthesia.  There are 3-7 days of swelling after the surgery, but there are no cuts or stitches required.  After the procedure there is a gradual molding and tightening of the skin, giving your lower face and neck a more chiseled sculpted appearance like you had when you were younger.  Patients get up to 40% tightening of the skin with this procedure.

Best Candidates for Facetite

We have had great success with the treatment when performed on the ideal patient.  The best candidates are those patients no older than 65 that do not smoke and are healthy.  Patients that are very thin with minimal body fat on their face aren’t ideal patients.  

Please call our office to schedule a consultation today to see if you are a candidate for this procedure.