This semi-permanent injectable adds volume to faces and fills in wrinkles by stimulating collagen production. Radiesse lasts longer than hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvedermor Restylane.  Radiesse lasts approximately 1-1.5 years.  It also has been shown to stimulate collagen similar to Sculptra.  There are several advantages to Radiesse:  Radiesse is cheaper/cc than the hyaluronic acids, it can cause more collagen stimulation than hyaluronic acid products, and It lasts longer than the hyaluronic acid products, excluding Voluma.  The one disadvantage to Radiesse is that it cannot be dissolved away unlike the hyaluronic acid fillers (Restylene, Perlane, Boletero, Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Voluma.)
Dr. Retief reserves this filler for those who have had Radiesse before and like it’s results or patients who have had hyaluronic acid products before and want to try something longer lasting at a less expensive price