What is BuffRx?

BuffRx Skincare is a local skincare line made fresh weekly with potent actives, fusing prescription ingredients with proven botanicals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants.  Because the products are made fresh in the Retief Skin Center Lab every week, potency and efficacy is high and preservatives are minimal!

Introducing BuffRx “Uniquely You” CUSTOM skincare made specifically for your skin while you wait at our BuffRx Bar!  We like to call it Juice Bar for the Face! The BuffRx Bar takes freshness and customization to a new level in skincare!

Did you know that there are no laws regarding establishing or listing expiration dates on skincare products?  The lag time between production and distribution of skincare averages 12-18 months.  Most skincare actives have shelf lives of less than 9 months (even with all the preservatives), anti-oxidants having shelf lives of only 3-4 months max!!!!!!

So be a smart consumer and get your BuffRx products fresh so you can benefit from potent actives with minimal risks from preservatives.  Visit the BuffRx Bar today!

Buff RX

Dr Retief developed her own line of prescription skincare products to effect radical changes in the appearance and health of skin over a short period of time.  She formulated her first prescription skincare products over ten years ago and the customized line continues to grow each year with the introduction of new and improved products.

BuffRx prescription skincare line will improve the texture and tone of the skin within 3 to 4 weeks.  This offers a significant improvement over other leading prescription skincare systems which required months to demonstrate an improvement.

The result is an effective treatment system specifically for your skin that is simple, easy and affordable.

Non-Rx Product

Rx Product


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