Treating Periorbital Veins with A Long-pulsed ND:YAG Laser

Nd:YAG lasers are commonly used for various vascular lesions, such as leg veins. In this month’s column, our guest editor, Dr. Mark Taylor, discusses his technique for using Nd:YAG lasers for periorbital veins, a common cosmetic concern. — Drs. Cohen and Berlin

Periorbital veins (POV) constitute a common cosmetic concern for our patients, most of whom do not know that there is a quick and efficient treatment option available. Some have even been told a number of times that there is no treatment.

Anatomically, periorbital veins start at the bridge of the nose near the medial canthus, course along the tear trough laterally, cross over the lateral periorbital rim and then ascend over the lateral forehead to the scalp. Multiple branches are the norm. Sometimes small vertical veins may be seen arising directly underneath the eyelashes on the lower lid or above the lashes in the upper lid. Small veins below the lower lid lashes connect with larger veins in the tear trough area.

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BrianTreating Periorbital Veins with A Long-pulsed ND:YAG Laser