Encore CO2 Fractionated Laser: FAQ

What is CO2 Laser Facial Resurfacing?

CO2 Laser Facial Resurfacing with the Ultra Pulse Encore laser provides a controlled laser peel of the skin’s epidermis while also stimulating deeper collagen production, and is especially suited for patients who have deep scars, deep wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, and loose facial skin.

What are the benefits of the CO2 Laser?

The Ultra Pulse Encore CO2 laser offers dramatic improvements with just one treatment, and is so effective that it has been nick-named the “microscopic” facelift. The laser can be used with ActiveFX and DeepFX modes to provide a full spectrum of resurfacing options, from least to most aggressive. Because this is a “fractionated” laser, it provides accelerated healing time.

What is distinctive about the Ultra Pulse Encore CO2 laser?

This laser is considered the “gold standard” for laser skin resurfacing. Its broad spectrum of applications and its quick and dramatic results, combined with its quicker recovery times, have brought it to the attention of The Doctor’s Show and The Today Show.

What is involved in CO2 Laser facial resurfacing with the Ultra Pulse Encore Laser?

This “fractionated” laser procedure means that treatment is applied only to a fraction of the skin’s surface. Untreated skin serves as a “bridge” to aid in the regeneration of fresher, more youthful-looking skin. The controlled facial peel of the epidermis will remove abnormal tissue, and the laser’s energy will stimulate the production of collagen. This, in turn, improves skin elasticity and provides additional support for the fractional ablation results.

Will my results last?

Yes. This revolutionary approach to laser skin resurfacing provides exceptional and immediate results that are long lasting.

Who is a candidate for CO2 Laser treatment?

The Ultra Pulse Encore CO2 laser is especially well suited for the patient who requires the most aggressive approach to treating deep cars and wrinkles. It is for the patient who wants quick, dramatic results, with an accelerated recovery period.

CO2 Laser Facial Resurfacing Recovery

Fractionated laser technology means patients will experience a speedier recovery period following CO2 laser facial resurfacing, with minimal risk and downtime of about 7 to 10 days. Makeup can be applied about 7 to 10 days after treatment, and there may be minor redness that persists for a week or two afterward.

CO2 Laser Results

The Ultra Pulse Encore laser with Active and DeepFX has a range of treatment options, from least to most aggressive. Dramatic results can be achieved after just one treatment. Improvements include a noticeable reduction of deep wrinkles and scars, smoother and younger-looking skin, and a more even skin tone.

BrianEncore CO2 Fractionated Laser: FAQ