Dermaplaning: Peachy Cream Skin without the Fuzz

woman face and beautician handsGive your face a summer glow with no downtime! Dermaplaning smooths fine lines and wrinkles, reduces mild acne scarring, evens skin tone and removes light facial hair – all without any pain, redness or swelling. Since dermaplaning removes the outer layer of skin, skin products and other procedures – such as laser treatments – are able to absorb deeper into the skin for better results.

How does dermaplaning work?
Your face will be thoroughly cleansed to loosen dead skin and allow for deeper exfoliation. Using a scalpel and a delicate touch, your aesthetician abrades the skin with very gentle strokes. Once the procedure is completed, our exclusive skin care line, BuffRx moisturizer and sunscreen will be applied and you’re ready to go. The results will last for about a month.

No anesthesia is necessary, making Dermaplaning safe for everyone and all skin types, including women who are pregnant or nursing. Whether you have never had a cosmetic procedure, or you have them often, Dermaplaning is a necessary addition to the overall care of the skin.

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($35 in combination with any other treatment)
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BrianDermaplaning: Peachy Cream Skin without the Fuzz